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LSD Tolerance Calculator

By on December 18, 2016

DISCLAIMER: This tolerance calculator has been developed in order to point out how quickly 5-HT2A receptors downregulate. This calculator should not be considered to be anything more than a rough approximation. I recommend reading this LSD harm reduction guide if you would like to learn about how to use LSD more safely. This calculator should point out that moderation of LSD use is the most economical way to use the substance. This calculator is not telling you to eat a milligram (1000 ug) of LSD today because you took 300 ug yesterday and want to feel the effects of 400 ug today. 🙂

This is a JavaScript based LSD tolerance calculator that I put together. This calculator is most accurate when dealing with decently sized dosages (preferably above 50 ug). Inaccuracy is exacerbated by relatively large differences between your previous dose & your desired dose (the closer your last dose & desired dose, relatively speaking, the more reliable the calculator will be). Please also understand that this calculator will not work with compounded tolerance, the formula assumes that your last dose was done with zero tolerance.

LSD Tolerance Calculator

Last Dose (micrograms)

Days Since Last Dose

Desired Dose (micrograms)

This calculator is loosly based on the following formula:

y = 280.059565(x/100)(n^-0.412565956)

x = Previous Dose

n = Days Since Previous Dose

y = Percent of Desired Dose to Find Required Dose

This formula was derived by AdmiralAcid from the following, popular graph, which is generally accepted to be one of the most accurate representations of LSD tolerance currently available (5-HT2A downregulation):

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    December 29, 2016

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!